Saturday, December 30, 2017

Raum - Winter 2017

In the last days of 2017, this came through the post - Raum 4 with a poem of mine (Block) in it!  Here is Toby being possessive:

This issue of Raum is the last in its present incarnation, but there have been promises of new projects to come!  Meantime, if you fancy a copy of this good-looking magazine, here's the link - and may 2018 be a fine, word-filled year for us all!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Bus Station Surprise

Over the last few years I have been using buses to get to and from work at University of Dundee where I'm an RLF Fellow.  So, Dundee Bus Station has become pretty familiar.  But St Andrews Bus Station - not so much.  Not at all, really, until someone mentioned to someone who mentioned to me that I had a poem up there!  And I do!  

Amazing!  I remember vaguely submitting something last year to the Stanza Graffiti scheme.  I remember looking around St Andrews at one point and not seeing it up, and shrugging it off.  And there it was, all along, hanging out at the Bus Station!

Let's hear it for public transport and, while we're at it, public poetry - and Happy Christmas to all who sail in them!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Another Fine List!

Many thanks to Bookwitch for including Walking Mountain in The ones I enjoyed the most list for 2017!  A fine company to be in as the year draws to an end.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Birlinn's Best Books of the Year!

Birlinn's Best Books of the Year

Joan Lennon

Joan’s writing evokes in me the same feeling I experienced as a kid, reading some of my favourite fantasy and sci-fi novels for the first time. From the get go, her concept in Walking Mountain is simple, yet so unique and intriguing – you’re desperate to believe in Drivers, and hungry to find out what could possibly come to life in the aftermath of their mistake, as well as how their stories are to intermingle with the adventures of Pema.
Calum Bannerman
Sales Representative
How nice to be part of Birlinn's Best Books of the Year!  Thanks, Calum!  

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Walking Mountain Rite of Passage

Not every book of mine has reached this dizzy height, but a few have.  Am I talking about some kind of lovely award?  No.  I'm talking about finding your book in a charity shop.  This week it was Walking Mountain's turn.

A bittersweet experience, or at any rate, 50% of that.  At least it wasn't signed ...