Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cannon Street Railway Bridge

five rows of pillars
divide the brown Thames,
channel the blue-and-white
back-and-forth boats,
bear the tracks,
the traffic and racket of trains

each pillar is fluted
like Doric chiton -
each thick
as Atlas’ thigh -
each colour-corroded,
banded with the tides’ levels

gulls float past them
unconcerned -
cormorants duck-dive
into the murk between their feet

capitaled by concrete utility,
bracketed by Drake’s Gold Hind
and Southwark’s cheerful filigree,
five rows of pillars
divide the brown Thames

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Two Girls and a Bridge

While I was away in London, I was working, yes, but I was also ever-so-slightly obsessed.  With two cats and the Cannon Street Railway Bridge.

The cats found their way into the words in the shape of a space tiger, and I wrote a poem to the bridge - I'll put that up tomorrow - 

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Plaster and String at Tate Britain

This post is one I made earlier, as I'm a Happy London Cat-Sitter/Retreated Writer just now and not at my computer.  A little Henry Moore to enhance your day, from my last visit to Tate Britain - Reclining Figure, 1951, made of plaster and string.  Fabulous.

(I've tried writing in this position but without success.)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Memories

In 2011, I spent the month of March at Moniack Mhor as the Jessie Kesson Fellow.  It was astonishingly inspiring, and March will always have a flavour for me now of that time, of the views from every window, the red kites and the new lambs, the snow and the mist and the sun.  And the way the words came.  Heaven on a hill.

The next time I'm back at Moniack Mhor is as one of the tutors for the Writing for Children and Young People course - 13-18 July - with Melvin Burgess, and Anne Fine as the mid-week guest.  It's booking up, so if you were thinking of joining us, here's where you sign up!  

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Voy in Colour

Last week I showed you the line drawing, and here it is in colour -

artist: Thomas Heitler
(click to see it bigger)

(Work on the website continues apace - more news to follow.)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Characters from Silver Skin

Starting to collect pictures for the Art section of the soon-to-be Silver Skin website - I'm hoping to have images from readers in that bit.  (So handy having an artist living in the house, to get the ball rolling!  Who, knowing what is good for him, has read the book.)  And I'm down to Edinburgh this weekend to meet up with my website builder, who bears a remarkable resemblance to another son of mine.  But it's not nepotism.  Not exactly.  They'd have to be my nephews* for that ...

This is Voy - 

artist: Thomas Heitler
(line drawing - coloured version to follow)
(click to see it bigger)

*For, as Wikipedia tells us:
"The term comes from Italian word nepotismo which is based on Latin root nepos meaning nephew.  Since the Middle Ages and until the late 17th century, some Catholic popes and bishops, who had taken vows of chastity, and therefore usually had no legitimate offspring of their own, gave their nephews such positions of preference as were often accorded by fathers to son."

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Raul - Great, Crazy Person

It's a bit grey here today and my eyes have crossed from a whole lot of proof-reading and so, for me and, if you feel the need, for you, I prescribe a little Raul ...

You might want to click on the full screen icon on the right there.  Enjoy!