Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poetry Short List

The Thing That Mattered Most is on the short list for the CLPE Poetry Award. (That's the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education, if, like me, you didn't know) According to Fiona Waters, one of the judges:

"The shortlist for the CLPE Poetry Award 2007 is a very strong one. These titles stood out immediately and we were very impressed by the high standard of both the content and presentation in all six; books to get excited about, unlike so many of those submitted."

I'm off to order another copy now, since someone who should know better nicked mine. It really is a lovely book!


Friday, May 11, 2007


You can find some complete surprises just by googling yourself. Like this, the Czech version of Questors, for example:

I knew the rights had been bought by the Czech Egmont, but not anything else - and there it was! Patraci by Joan Lennonova! Once you know what to look for, it shows up on a bunch of Czech Fantasy and SciFi sites. Here, for example, and here. Any Czech speakers out there - please get in touch and tell me what's being said about the book!

I even found a site that lists where Questors is in the Singapore library system - all 40 branches - and even whether the book is currently out on loan or not. Amazing! Okay, the Internet still asks me every time if I really mean John Lennon when I type in my name, but it only does that to make sure I don't get big-headed about it all.

Don't worry - it's working. Joan.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Photo Post

Haven't quite caught my breath from the Ely Plot tour (which was excellent) and now I'm off to Aberdeen for the Word Festival. (It's a Questors event, otherwise I wouldn't even need to unpack my props bag!) So instead of words this time, I thought I'd post photos from the visit to Wicken Fen. Now all I have to do is get one of my boys to show me how ...

This, I know, is a lizard ...

This is, um, a plant ... if you can identify it, get in touch!

And this is a picture of water, grass and sky that doesn't do justice to any of them!

Heading north tomorrow - more later! Joan.