Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soothing and Cheering

As I am putting myself in the hands of the NHS once again, I'm making use of the nifty blogging option of I write now, it posts automatically later. And because I am N.A.H.B.* I've decided to only post soothing and cheering things, like photos of Perthshire this autumn ...

... and a review of The Ferret Princess in The Scotsman 18 Oct. 2008!

"Ferrets feature in a number of Joan Lennon's novels but never before in such quantity as in
The Ferret Princess (Catnip, £4.99), another fairy tale with a twist. Lennon's hilarious take on the neighbouring-princes-come-to-marry-a-spare-princess fairly tale convention is sparky, witty and an ideal readaloud. Scoular Anderson's witty illustrations add to the fun."

I'm soothed and cheered now, and you get to be soothed and cheered, automatically, later. Except that if you're reading this, it's now. Temporal Multiplicity Rules.


P.S. N.A.H.B. = Not A Happy Bunny

P.P.S. I have a message for Alfred Quek from Kualar Lumpur, who recently put a comment on my blog posted Jan. 28, 2007 - I'm really glad you liked
Questors, and maybe you'd like The Seventh Tide - a different book, not a sequel or anything, but just as good - I like it a lot!
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Witch Bell Launch

What a great evening!

Janet and Hetty Smyth of Blast-off Books in Linlithgow gave a launch party for
Witch Bell (Book 4 of The Wickit Chronicles) on Thursday evening, and here are some of the photos:

A good time was had by all! Cheers, Joan.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

An Awfully Big Blog Adventure ...

... is where I'm posting this week. In case you don't know it, this is the blog of the SAS (Scattered Authors' Society) and is full to the brim with writerly musings. My first post was 8th October so please join me there!

Cheers, Joan.

(See you back here next week.)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Dancing Ferrets

Book trailer madness has taken us over here - first there was the Witch Bell fog and thunder - then The Seventh Tide's spooky glowing eyes were joined by spooky music and a thing called "Big Breath" - and THEN, for The Ferret Princess ...

Dancing ferrets. Go on, give the picture a click - I know it'll make you smile. (Make sure your sound is on.)

Cheers, Joan.
P.S. We got the music and sound effects from Partners in Rhyme - there's a link to their site in my last post (Sat. 27 Sept.)