Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baboon by the Keyboard

Well, THAT was better! And one of the reasons this week gets a gold star and last week gets a black hole is that THIS week I had a poem come out in Issue 18 of Northwords Now. It's called 'Baboon by the Keyboard' and it's on p. 19.

Northwords Now is such a good thing - and not just because they took a poem! A quick look at the website shows you the quality and enthusiasm of this venture, and the newspaper-format version can be found for free all over Scotland in bookshops and libraries, in art galleries and cinemas and cafes and theatres. Great short fiction, reviews, poetry (!) and I love the covers.

Another reason for the goodness of the week would be that I worked hard and got words done.

Oh, and I posted a blog on Girls Heart Books - 'Who Says Science Fiction is Just For Boys? Not Me!'

So that's the news from here. Onwards and, er, onwards.

Cheers, Joan.


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