Monday, April 28, 2008

Addictive Alliteration

Hi! I'm back from the Puffin blog site!

I'm writing a series of books just now about a Viking boy who, among other things, keeps drifting off into daydreams about what the bards will say about him and his heroic adventures one day ... If you're a Scrubs fan, you will recognize these as JD moments. But because of it being vintage Viking, I find myself slipping subconsciously into a lot of alarming alliteration, since that's a bard-y sort of thing to do. And once you start, it's definitely deeply difficult to desist. By which I mean it's quite tough to stop. There - see - I can take it or leave it. Lightly. Longingly ...

Special Message to Everyone, But Especially Anyone Living in a Country of Any Sort:
If you look at the bottom of the Contents page of my website you will see that I now have this really neat visit counter that tells me how many people have visited the website and what country they live in! Little flags and all! I love it! So please have a visit and see if your flag is up there and how many other people from your country have been by. Click here to have a look see.

Cheers, Joan.


At 6:22 AM, Blogger Maureen said...

Fabulously futile attempts to curb contagious contamination of constant reiterations were a delight to read, like the books without the perfect plots!


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