Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Favourite Anything

They always ask me. Go into a school and somebody always asks, "What's your favourite book?" or "What's your favourite movie?" or even - and I'm in real trouble with this one - "What's your favourite football team?" Nobody ever asks, "Who's your favourite son" (I don't have any daughters) but all those favourite questions feel a bit as if they had. I mean, how are all the other books and movies and football teams going to feel if I don't choose them?!

If only the question were worded, "What book/DVD/football team have you read/seen/heard of recently that you enjoyed?" Then I could answer without getting all twisted.

Recently Read Book: Making Money by Terry Pratchett - and it won't be for the last time, either - Terry Pratchett re-reads so well - all of them.

Recently Seen DVD: Stardust - loved it! Neil Gaiman is an extraordinarily prolific, unfairly young-looking guy who seems to be involved in a gillion really interesting projects. (If you haven't seen Mirrormask, by the way, you really should.)

Recently Heard-of Football Team: Hamilton Academicals, because my brother in Canada thinks they're cool.

That wasn't too bad ... so from now on, when I get asked for my favourite anything, I'm going to say, "I'm glad you asked me that question" and then not answer it.


P.S. Already I'm having to add on - just saw the DVD for Beowulf (Neil Gaiman again) and though I probably shouldn't have laughed quite so much every time a candlestick/elbow/chandelier/fog bank arrived to hide the eponymous hero's naked nether regions, it was still pretty neat.


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