Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Weekend Before the Week

This Saturday I woke up with a screaming headache and the arthritis in my wrist playing up something chronic. So instead of spending the day practising my talk for next week, I lay around whimpering and taking pills. My children helped me by forming a cult, making me the Messiah, and sitting at the foot of the bed saying "Teach us how to whine, Oh Great One!" And then fighting about who was or was not a heathen. And lo and behold, it worked! Today I have no headache - okay, I still can't use my right hand much (worryingly it is my book-signing hand - the plan currently is for Callum to come to the talks with me and sign copies of Questors with his name instead, and we'll just hope nobody notices) - but am I complaining? Well, yes, but not as much as yesterday.

Ten talks next week - 2 days in Dundee, 1 day in St Andrews, 2 days in West Lothian. Details on News page of the website. (

The Wickit Chronicles now has its own website! It's very beautiful and green - if you don't believe me, go and see for yourself:

Wish me luck for next week, even though it's going to be fine. Absolutely. No doubt in my mind whatsoever. Just fine.

Joan. (Not nervous, me.)


At 5:30 AM, Blogger Hepeedo said...

Can you write another book about Questors? I find it a really really really GOOD book !!!


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