Sunday, December 03, 2006

It All Started in Kirriemuir!

I did my first talk on Questors this week in the Kirriemuir town hall, and two more interviews - one over the phone, standing in the middle of the Kirriemuir Library in my raincoat. That was with the reporter for the Angus Courier, who instead of coming to hear me was covering a Council meeting. Personally I think he drew the short straw on that one, but I may be prejudiced. The other interview was with someone from the Young Scot website. I haven't seen either of these yet but will let you know.

The talk went well, the kids were great, and the blood on the poster hardly showed at all. I do like P7's - they're good company.

I picked up a handy tip from another writer for the book-signing bit - have a pad of paper for them to write their names down on for you, so you don't make a hash of it in their book by guessing wrong, or take forever getting them to spell it out loud (or, often, inaudibly soft). It worked!

Ice Road is finished and with my agent for vetting, and I have no more talks or interviews lined up for the immediate future. So there's now nothing between me and getting stuck back in to The Walking Mountain except a bunch of Christmas baking. "The Walking Mountain - what's that?" I hear you cry. Tune in next week to find out.

Meanwhile, tashi delek' or go with luck (in the language of the people of Eastern Bhutan)



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