Saturday, November 18, 2006

Questionable Nobility

Did another interview on Questors, this time for The Book Magazine. They sent me the questions and I got to WRITE the answers - thereby cutting the stress by some huge percentage.

More progress on Ice Road this week, but my bad guy is giving me trouble. I've set him up fine, with perfectly acceptable bad guy characteristics and back story. I've given him some nice scenes to be bad in. And then, just before I kick him off the stage, he tries to go all noble on me. Maybe he's actually a misunderstood soul? Maybe he really SHOULD be the king, and not young Arnald, after all? Maybe (and this is the one I REALLY hate) he's not bad at all, he's just shy?


Yesterday I figured out how to fix him, though. I put him in a tent with a bunch of lackeys and got him to lose his temper. Try being noble in a scene like that, Lord Bad Guy! Ha!

Book back on track.

Cheers, Joan.


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