Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Bunny

I am indeed a happy bunny, as Ice Road is no more than a sliver away from being finished! I'm still fine-tuning some of my medieval medicinal references - and I was especially pleased to find a place to include Stinking-hellebore root. It seemed to me a plant with a name like that could well do with a little sympathetic PR.

The banner posters for Questors arrived this week, plus the bound proofs for my visit to Kirriemuir next Tuesday. I slept funny a couple of nights ago and did something weird to my back, so I hope I can find someone young and strapping to help me carry the stuff on the day. My husband got a printing shop to produce some big versions of the cover on card, and then managed to nick his finger getting them out of their container and bled over one ...

It's actually only supposed to be me suffering for my art, but this is more of a family affair.

Cheers, Joan.


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