Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Lines

Listen to this ...

Aslina o gun hava gayet kotu olabilirdi. Mesela karanlik ve yagmurlu olabilirdi ve dogudan esen korkunc ruzgarda catiya cikmayi dusunmek bile cok tehlikeli olurdu. Ama hava kotu degildi.*

Or perhaps ...

La journee aurait tres bien pu etre epouvantable: grise, humide, avec un mechant vent d'est qui aurait ecarte definitivement toute tentative perilleuse de grimper sur le toit. Mais il n'en etait rien.**

Or even ...

It could just as easily have been a horrible day - grey and wet with a nasty east wind, so that climbing onto the roof was much too dangerous to even consider. But it wasn't.

The arrival this week of the Turkish translation of the first 2 Wickit Chronicles has had me excitedly mangling yet another new language to myself, using the first lines of Ely Plot as my Rosetta Stone. Because I know that sometime, somewhere, my life may very well depend on my ability to say "nasty east wind" in as many languages as possible.

Be my guest - have a go!

* Except that my keyboard doesn't do loads of the letters right.
** Or accents.


At 11:40 AM, Blogger ninc said...

Fascinating! Have a good tiime in Ontario; I have been to the southwest part of it, Sarnia, Sombra and Windsor.I have never been to Scotland. I contacted your website because I'm reading QUESTORS; it is nice to know you have other books.
Ninc, Imperial, CALIF., USA

At 1:10 PM, Blogger Joan Lennon said...

I'm glad you're reading Questors - thanks for posting!

(Windsor is mostly where I'm going to be - it's where my mum lives and it's her 90th birthday - many, many, many candles ...)


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