Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Door of Kelpies

I love weird collective nouns - a busyness of ferrets, an exaltation of larks, a parliament of owls, and now ... a door of kelpies. That's if you like them a lot. (It's a joke. But if I have to tell you that, it maybe isn't ...)

This fabulous door decoration is the work of P3 at Linlithgow Primary School who do like kelpies, and The Night of the Kelpies specifically. In my travels so far this month I've seen the most amazing pictures of ferrets and princesses and castles and gargoyles and medieval hoodies - and any of them that I've been able to wangle away from their owners will be going up in the Readers' Gallery section of my website as soon as I can manage. Over the days, we've written fabulous poems together, started astonishing detective stories, and I've done my best to answer reams of questions, many familiar, some quite startling. What, for example, is my favourite punctuation?* Which of my books do I like the least?** What's my cat's name?***

Week 3 takes me to Cambridgeshire (and I'm currently disease-free - long may that last!) so who knows what I'll be asked next!

Cheers, Joan.

* It's the dash. I love it. My editors are less enamoured. We have discussions.
** Impossible to answer.
*** Katie.


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