Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Trouble with Ferrets

I've never met a real ferret, not in the flesh. But as with so many things, that hasn't stopped me from writing about them. In The Seventh Tide (out April 2008) there is Prof. Hurple, a ferret who also happens to be an expert on human history. In The Ferret Princess (out Aug. 2008) there is an entire busyness of ferrets, not to mention a princess who looks like one.

Why is this a problem?

Writing about ferrets is one thing, but talking about them in public is another. For school, festival, library events, it's always a good idea to have props. So far, I've used costumes and posters and the odd puppet, but for The Ferret Princess I want, well, a dozen ferrets. Not live ones, as I think there might be a fuss about that. I'm willing to settle for toy ones. Plush, soft, stuffed, whatever word you like to use for toy animals - that's what I've been looking for.
They don't even have to be ferrets! Just more-or-less ferret-shaped!

But here's the trouble.

I'm not willing to re-mortgage the house to get said beasts. So I'm looking in charity shops. And I'm not finding! (Penguins, monkeys, bears ... why didn't I write about them?)

So please, if there's anyone out there, please PLEASE could you keep your eyes open in every charity shop, every church bazaar, every bring and buy sale, for my heart's desire. My collection so far consists of a rather sweet stoat that I found for 99p, but I would certainly stretch to £2.50 ...

I can't believe they're not out there, and with many pairs of eyes, Ferrets Will Be Found! Thanks! Joan.


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