Sunday, March 18, 2007

And They Called Her Two-Take Lennon

Back from Canada, and straight into facing another monster from under the bed - this time, the scary thing was doing a video clip for the website Meet the Author. I was supposed to talk to camera for 60 - 90 seconds on The Wickit Chronicles generally and Ely Plot specifically, without fainting, exploding into tiny pieces or running (gibbering gently) away. The camera man could not have been more charming, or reassuring - or generous with praise when I managed to get through my minute and a half pretty well on the first take, and even better on the second. Why all the terror, you might ask? I have no idea. Perhaps I was frightened by a video camera in an earlier life. Will I be so scared the next time? I hope not. What scary thing looming up from under the bed does next week have in store? I'll just have to wait and see ...

Cheers, Joan.


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