Saturday, February 10, 2007

Physician, Heal Thyself

I went back to check, and, yes, the last time I mentioned the possibility of getting stuck into The Walking Mountain was about two months ago. I've dipped in a toe from time to time since then, but the great big happy plunge hasn't happened. The nice people out there will say, "Well, you have been rather busy." The not-so-nice ones, me included, are starting to think I should be taking my own advice. What is it I say, when asked for tips for writers?


But ... but ... I worked hard this week, really I did. I finished the end-notes for Fen Gold, and a synopsis for The Walking Mountain plus another one for The Singing Cave, and did another interview, and got into a flap about my Edinburgh Book Festival sessions and then got out of a flap about my Edinburgh Book Festival sessions, and signed stock for Borders, and didn't take two last minute invitations for events for World Book Day, and worried about what to do about being asked to judge a children's writing competition, and made changes to the biographical bit for the American version of Questors ... and that's just the stuff I remember.

Doth the lady protest too much? She really doth.

Meantime, wish me some really concentrated focus for next week! Joan.


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