Saturday, March 19, 2022

Nearly a Real Hands-on Grandma (+ an Update) (+ another Update)

When you read this I will be a) on a plane(s) or b) in an airport(s) or c) in a quarantine hotel (a very nice quarantine hotel) in Jakarta. And not long after that, I get to meet my grandson! Which will make a), b) and c) absolutely worth it. And in the meantime, here are some gorgeous Indonesian birds.

Update: Dear Reader, I am in none of those places. My visa to enter Indonesia didn't come through in time, so I've had to change my flights etc. With luck, everything I said above will be coming true on Wednesday 23 March.

Here's hoping! 

Another Update: Visas no longer available to Jakarta so now I'm flying 26 1/2 hours to Bali, with a 5:00 am start from here on Tuesday 22 March. So it goes ... I hope!


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