Saturday, July 07, 2018

Run Throughing

I have two weeks left to finish my work-in-progress up to a level when I can send it to my agent for a first read.  (Then I'm teaching at Moniack Mhor for a week and then we head out to Jakarta for Jamie and Astrid's wedding ... my life is a master class in balance and sedate pacing.)  And, after a wodge of slough slogging and diminishing returns, I am using the start-at-the-beginning-and-take-a run-at-it technique - and it's working!  I'm on the second full run through now, and have a hope that maybe two more after that will do it!

Will I make my deadline? To encourage me, and anyone else out there in a similar situation, I give you two running horses - and now it's back to work!

Running Horse Lascaux (wiki commons)

Uffington Horse (wiki commons)


At 4:28 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

Great running, and obviously the best kind of exercise!
Good for you!

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Joan Lennon said...

Jog on, as they say!

At 12:56 AM, Blogger Penny Dolan said...

Good running, Joan!

At 12:45 AM, Blogger Joan Lennon said...

You too, Penny!


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