Sunday, February 04, 2018

A Deadlineophile

I like deadlines, self-imposed or otherwise.  They help in a job that can be pretty shapeless.  Lady Murasaki, below, for example, clearly has no deadline and, if my eyes do not deceive me, a blank page in front of her.

My current deadline was to have been to have the first draft of Book B, mentioned a few weeks ago, finished by Jamie and Astrid's wedding in Jakarta on 5 May.  It looks as if the wedding is now going to be in August, but I'm still going to aim for the 5 May.  Round about the 4 May, I may very well be posting about the softness of deadlines, but for now - ONWARDS! 


At 7:34 AM, Blogger Maureen said...

Just read neuroscience evidence that the stress of deadlines looming makes you more productive.
But who needed the science?


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