Sunday, June 11, 2017

Queensferry Primary - Thank You Very Much!

So much creativity - so much fun!  

Queensferry Primary School teachers and pupils have excelled themselves, between our last session together and the day of the launch for Walking Mountain - and this at an insanely busy time of year, especially for the senior classes.  On display and presented by pupils from P6L, P6T, P7C and P7T, were shape poems, What Happened Next pieces, 2D and 3D images of mountains inspired by the styles of famous artists, and alphabet/story bunting.  Add juice and fairy cakes and 4 classes of excited kids and 1 excited author, and you have 1 amazing Book Birthday!  

Huge thanks to Elizabeth Leithead who has been the main organiser, and to Queensferry Primary School who has made being a Patron of Reading an enormous delight. Which is not to say it's over - I have one more year!  Huzzah!


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