Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Cello Man

Many thanks to Jo Kenrick for alerting me to the Piano Guys via Cello Wars - this and the return of the sun after so long are going to make for a great writing day - you see if they don't!

Cheers, Joan.

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At 2:27 AM, Blogger Susan Price said...

Loved the vid - especially the cello playing sports. That was a stunt cello, though, surely? He wouldn't risk his real cello?
And you'll be spending the first sunny day for yonks writing. Yeah, right.

At 3:24 AM, Blogger Penny Dolan said...

Great start to the rest of the day! Hope the sunshine lasts for everyone.

And surely a stunt cello? Saw a "No cellos were harmed . ." flash up briefly.

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Joan Lennon said...

Stunt cello - love it!

At 4:07 AM, Blogger madwippitt said...

Fun way to kick off the morning - thanks for the smile! Reminds of those Armando Iannucci shorts!


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