Sunday, March 18, 2012

And the Noisy Side

I talked to just shy of 600 kids this week, and I've got all their faces leaping about on the trampoline of my mind. I think it must have to do with the adrenalin of performing, the way everything is so much more vivid when you're in front of an audience. When you're up there all the fuss and feathers (will the books arrive on time? do I have salad in my teeth?) evaporate and it's just you and them and that hard bright focus between.

And here's what it was all about - the third Slightly Jones Mystery is OUT!

It was a great week. Four days. Short lifetime. I send many thanks to St Faith's in Cambridge, Ely St John's in (not surprisingly) Ely, and Fawcett Primary School in Cambridge for letting me visit. Also the bookshops that got involved: the Fitzwilliam Museum Bookshop and Heffer's in Cambridge, and Burrows and Toppings in Ely. The people at Bounce and Catnip. And last and not least, thank you to Margot and Derek, for looking after me so well and being such good company.

And Happy Birthday, Case of the Cambridge Mummy!


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