Saturday, September 18, 2010

New October Challenge Unveiled

That's right. The closing date for the Slightly Jones Art-y-fact Drawing Competition (aka the September Challenge) has come and gone and, without pausing to draw breath, the October Challenge is up and running. To find out what mystery Slightly has set this time, go to

and click on the bookmark Challenges. Good luck!

We've had some lovely entries for the Art-y-fact competition, and some helpful hints on how to clean wallpaper with stale bread on Slightly's Notebook, so many thanks to everyone who's dropped by and taken part.

Oh, and for those kind souls who thought of me and my root canal last week ... please, please, could you do it again? I rolled up for my appointment only to discover that their xray machine was broken and could I come back next week? So it's ten past High Noon next Thursday for me.

Sigh. Joan.


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