Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Not surprisingly, the eponymous* heroine of The Slightly Foxed Mysteries is an avid reader of the Sherlock Holmes stories in the Strand Magazine. This is great for me because it has meant I've had to read them too. (That's "read" not "re-read" - I've seen lots of movies and TV series about the great man - my absolute favourite Holmes being Jeremy Brett - the man moves like a meerkat - but I have never before read the stories or books.) I started because I thought I should - and now I'm hooked! Sir Arthur Ignatius (no less) Conan Doyle is a really good writer, and Scottish, and prolific, so I'm well set. I've read all the Holmes stories we have in the house and have moved on to The Lost World - and then I'll hit the library, so if anybody who has known how good he is all along would like to recommend any favourites, now's your chance.

*"Eponymous" - what a lovely word!

P.S. I got the picture from Wikipedia. It's by Sidney Paget and was an illustration for one of the Sherlock Holmes stories in the Strand Magazine in 1891.


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