Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Case of the Glasgow Ghoul

With the exception of some stray Latin translating, Slightly Foxed and the Case of the London Dragonfish is now done and has passed muster with agent and editors alike - huzzah! So, now, it's on with Slightly Foxed and the Case of the Glasgow Ghoul ... which of course meant the agony and sheer raw drudgery of another research trip. Glasgow was great. In spite of the three days of heavy rain which the BBC promised me, I only got drizzled on once, at the Necropolis, and a big cloudy grey sky is just right for a cemetery anyway. I got everything I think I'll need, and I'm writing as hard as I can - partly because it's what's on my mind just now, and partly because my South African and Papua New Guinean travellers are coming home in about a fortnight and I have a feeling that when that happens, I will be a LOT less focused ...

The Hunterian Museum

The Necropolis


More angels


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