Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ed on the Web and Travel for Kids

If I didn't periodically google myself, there's quite a lot of stuff I'd never know! Of course, when the things I find aren't in English, I still don't know, but here are 2 things that came up in my most recent trawl-through that made me smile - a travel site of Fun Things To Do for kids visiting East Anglia that mentions Ely Plot on the same page as Lucy Boston's Green Knowe books, and a site called Ed on the Web that has a review of The Ferret Princess PLUS activity sheets including a word search, name the baby ferrets and draw their picture, and write a poem beginning "I laugh when I see a ferret dancing the tango" (and I do!). Here are the links: Travel for Kids and Ed on the Web - and thank you very much to the people behind the sites!

Cheers, Joan.

P.S. I'm on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure site again this week, so see you there!


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