Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hurrah for Braw ...

Here's some good news - Ely Plot is the Braw Book of the Month for April, for the 8-12 age group! If you don't live in Scotland, Braw stands for Books, Reading and Writing, and it's part of the Scottish Book Trust. To find out more about this Very Good Thing, click here.

I'm pretty much set to leave on Tuesday for Edinburgh, then on to Ely and Cambridge. Feeling exciting, though the usual pre-talking-to-people-about-my-books nerves are getting in the way a bit. But this time next week the Ely Plot tour will be done and I can become Zen-like and chirpy again.

And that's all I've got to post for now, other than to say, "Wish me luck!" and "Keep on with your book-spotting!"


P.S. If you watch the little animation at the top of the page on the Braw site, you'll see The Big Book of Dragons come up! (It's a bindup of The Bad-Tempered Dragon and 2 other books about, um, dragons.) I do love Braw ...