Saturday, March 24, 2007

Marching on

They're fast, those Meet the Author people! The video clip on The Wickit Chronicles is up and running already - just click here to have a look.

I've got most of the dates for the Ely Plot tour, which starts 25th April down in the Ely/Cambridge area. You can tell England is more populous than Scotland - the smallest group I'm talking to is billed as 50+ (that's numbers of kids, not age group) and the largest is 100-200 ... So if I was looking for something to scare me this week, that would be it. (No point putting these things off. Anxiety is never wasted, is my approach.) I sent off to a German company that makes reproduction medieval clothes and got some very neat stuff, so that's part of the sessions sorted. And I'm pretty sure what most of the rest of the talk will cover. Time to let it fester for now, and fine tune in April.

The Walking Mountain - progress has ensued! Feels good. Time to get back to it now ... Joan.