Sunday, July 05, 2020

Brittle Star and Ely Plot on Furlough

(Okay, this particular brag is directed at those of you who are, like me, not tech-savvy, because the rest of you will doubtless guffaw in derision at my inelegant process - but ya, boo, sucks, I did it any way.)

I was really pleased to have a poem in issue 46 of Brittle Star, particularly because they are celebrating 20 years in 2020.  Normally, they have their launch parties at the Barbican Music Library in London, but this time they have taken a digital route, with a series of podcasts of the poets reading their work, to come out in early July.

And I did it.

I recorded my poem onto my phone, emailed it to my computer, saved it onto my desktop, uploaded it onto WeTransfer, verified I was me and a couple of other adminy sorts of things, and sent it off.  All on my tod.*

Yup.  Pretty proud.

Issue 46 of Brittle Star

* Cockney rhyming slang - on my Tod Sloan i.e. on my own - referring to the American jockey James Forman (Tod) Sloan (1874-1933) who invented the 'monkey crouch' style of horse riding and was the inspiration for the song Yankee Doodle Dandy.

P.S. Ely Plot is still on furlough, but I'll let you know when Chapter 9 ensues.


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