Saturday, November 10, 2018

100 Armistice Days - Day 98

I've been part of the 100 Armistice Days project - 100 writers writing 100 words* about someone who experienced World War I.  The result is a poignant, heart-warming, heart-breaking collection of photos, paintings, artefacts, writing and research which you can browse here.

My centena is inspired by my grandfather Dr James Mortimer Clark who was a doctor with the Canadian Army Medical Corps, before going as a medical missionary to China, where he died in 1925.  My piece is called Except ... and you can see it here.

James Mortimer Clark 
Canadian Army Medical Corps (photo taken 1918 or 1919) 

Vera, Mort, my mum and Miss Dale in China 
(photo taken probably 1923)

*A centena - a piece of 100 words where the first and last three words are the same.


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