Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lovereading4kids Reader Review Panel Have Their Say

It's strange, this thing of posting reviews of a book that hasn't come out yet, but hey - June's the month that happens and it's almost ALMOST here!  (I am deliberately not using any sort of I'M-CRAZY-EXCITED!!! font because dignity at all times, right?)

So, calmly and with complete professional poise, here is the book ...

... and here are snippets from the reviews by members of the Lovereading4kids Reader Review Panel.  To read their full reviews, click here.  (Go on - click it - they're great!)
  • Llew Harrison, age 10 - 'A dramatic adventure involving fake identities, crazy ladies, faith, riding in the Aubergine and seas splitting open... Star rating:*****'
  • Miyah Smith, age 11 - 'This is an excellent book, well written and sometimes quite moving. I would recommend it to most people my age.'    
  • Harsh Budhdeo, age 10 - 'Interesting and really liked reading it.'
  • Bella, age 10 - 'When the story got going it was really really good.  I loved the journey and the friendship, then ending was really exiting and good too.'
  • Seren Daly, age 10 - 'The Walking Mountain was exiting, adventurous, tense, and sad. You won't regret reading it.'
  • Rose Hopkins - 'When I say I love this book I really mean it – it’s now my favourite book and I’m looking out for other books by this author.'
  • Emma, age 11 - 'I found this book very hard to get into but if you have a good imagination then it will be easier to understand.'

Many thanks to Llew, Miyah, Harsh, Bella, Seren, Rose and Emma - and ROLL ON JUNE!!!!!


At 6:50 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

Amazing reviews, and roll on June! Congratulations!


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