Saturday, June 02, 2012

Place that Face!

It's Jubilee Weekend in Britain so, apropos of nothing, I thought I'd set a quiz.  Can you tell me who these carved faces are and where they come from?  Clues to the answers can be found in earlier posts of mine, or you can just use the wild guess technique ...

So here we go -

Face A:

Face B:

and Face C:

Have a bash and put your thoughts up in the Comments bit - IF Blogger is allowing them this week.  I'll be posting the answers on Monday - see you then!

Cheers, Joan.


At 1:55 PM, Blogger madwippitt said...

We like the wild guess approach. It helps covers the gulf of ignorance nicely.

1. Bad Hair Day Woman: nicked off a church.

2. Carmen Miranda: Camden Market

3. Bad Nose Job Man: property of anonymous plastic surgeon


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