Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not Just Any Old Trough of Fish

"Farlin - a communal container of herring." Also, a project thought up by the people from Fife Contemporary Art and Craft AND Shetland Arts.

Because you are cunning and observant, you will have noticed that I get more than a little excited by cross-media stuff, and this project is no exception. With 26 Treasures I got to respond to an object - this time I get to respond to a person AND an object! My collaborator is Sarah Riley, a wildly-talented textile artist from Shetland. We're still right at the beginning of it all but don't worry - I will keep you posted, while trying to keep high-pitched squeals to a minimum.

Meantime, it's nice to be back. Thanks for holding.

Cheers, Joan.

P.S. My love affair with my new camera continues hot and steamy - and, it must be said, at times a bit blurry. Come back tomorrow for some photos from a train, from a plane, and using film grain. (See what I did there - I made a rhyme so that it would seem that inflicting my holiday snaps is really somehow literarily legitimate ...)


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