Monday, November 21, 2011

Bravely Gone

Now that was stupid. Why did I say I'd write a report on the 360 Narratives Open Weekend right after getting home from it? If I could find an image (uncopyrighted) on the web that showed Advanced Brain Blur, I could just put that up - perfect!

Did I enjoy the weekend? Yes! I met a whole new mess of people doing stuff with words that is different to/from the stuff I do. The exercises were fun and exhilarating and did an excellent job of showing/reminding us of the strengths of collaboration AND constraints. I DID "enjoy inspirational conversations with peers and writers who have had experience and successes across genres", just like it said on the tin. I learned a lot. It was, in equal parts, invigorating and knackering. (Having never speed-dated 40 people in a single afternoon before, I was unprepared for just HOW knackering! Blimey.)

An assiduous photographer was on hand and I look forward to seeing his work on the 360 Facebook page in due course - his pictures will give you an idea of some of the faces and scenes from the weekend.

It's too soon for me to sort out my thoughts sensibly yet and see what the next step needs to be, but watch this space!

I have a post over on An Awfully Big Blog Adventure today which I'd love you to visit.

Cheers, Joan.


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