Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go On - Give It A Go!

There are fun writerly things to have a bash at all over the internet, but here are two I particularly like:

1. Mibits 300 Okay, I have a vested interest. My story opening "Out of the Cold Sea" is one of the entries here, and I'm desperate to know how it's going to end! Mibit works like this - an established writer sends in an opening bit and each week somebody else can add the next bit (max. 300 words) and so on until the story is at least 1500 words long. Or as long as it takes. There are five possible stories to be part of up on the site so far, but please, please, if you possibly can - HELP FINISH MINE!

2. Bugged - Creative Eavesdropping on 1st July. So, here it is ... on the 1st of July, writers go out into the world and eavesdrop like mad. Pick up a scrap, a snippet, a phrase, a few words in passing - and then write about it. Poetry, flash fiction, short scripts. I worry a little that 1st of July will turn out to be a day of complete silence, as everyone wanders about with their ears flapping and their mouths shut. So if you don't fancy writing, do consider saying something bizarre near anyone you see with a notebook ...

Go on, give it a go - you know you want to!

Cheers, Joan.


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