Saturday, May 08, 2010

Islay - Part Three

(All right, this is not a picture of the Islay Writing Circle. It's a picture of some picturesque Islay ponies. I just really liked them.)

I'd been looking forward to this workshop since the first day it was suggested, and I wasn't a bit disappointed. Getting to come to Islay again (I was one of the authors at the Islay Book Festival last autumn - if you ever get asked to do this one, say YES!) was an obvious plus, but then having a whole day instead of the usual hour, having 4 people instead of an entire class or two (or twelve), having participants who all wanted to be there - you just knew it was going to great! Add to that the rich variety of voices (actual and written) of us all, the good food, an inspirational view and a glorious day - I wax effusive because I can do no other. So, many thanks for having me go to the Islay Writing Circle - makers of Probably the Best Writing Workshop in the World!

Cheers, Joan.

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At 2:48 PM, Blogger Linda Strachan said...

How wonderful, Joan. I was asked to the Islay book festival a few years ago and it was wonderful. Any excuse to go there should be grabbed with no hesitation.


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