Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book of the Month!

It may be narcissism of the first order, but you can come across some really surprising things by Googling yourself. |Like, for example, the fact that The Night of the Kelpies (Barrington Stoke) is February's Book of the Month Children's Choice for Books from Scotland. How nice is that! And I didn't know!

Anyway, I'm now busily telling everybody I can think of. Even an ordinary month is not much time to be a Favourite Anything, and February is slimmer than most. Enjoy every minute, say I.

Cheers, Joan.

P.S. So far not a lot of response to the new blog title but what there has been has been under-enthusiastic. I'm going to let it ride a few more weeks, and then we'll see. Don't hold back if you have an opinion!


At 8:22 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

Not the John Lennon -- no, too knotty for the lead into the meanderings of the muse-led.

Would you like me to help or just mosey on back into momentary silence?


At 1:29 AM, Blogger Joan Lennon said...

"Mosey" - what a wonderful word. I must find a way to use it today!

See next blog P.S. re. title - thanks for response!


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