Sunday, October 25, 2009

Die Siebte Prufung

I love Babel Fish! Here is its translation of the entry for the German version of The Seventh Tide (published by cbj - the German Random House) which I just received:

"Three fearless heroes on the way by space and time A verträumter shape transducer named EO, a naive Novize from the Middle Ages and a rebellious girl from the future. What the three interconnects? They deny together the most dangerous adventure of their life. An enormous error of EO catapults it on a wild journey by time and space. Six time journeys must master it, become only then them all the crucial 7th examination to exist. If they fail however, Eos homeland falls to the soul-devouring sea natures. But the three are ready, to the challenge to place themselves… hope it anyhow. • 7 rapid time journeys - 3 fascinating heroes - 1 dangerous examination • Action, speed and sparkling joke - an irresistible mixture „Lennon is tremendously original and” the 7th examination “sprays before joke and humor. A hinreißender Fantasy and adventure novel. “ "

(To see the original text, click here.)

I love the cover too!

Cheers, Joan.


At 2:03 AM, Blogger Lindsey Fraser said...

That's actually quite good compared to some of the submissions I read through over the weekend...


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