Friday, July 24, 2009

Secret Study

Last week the euphoria of finishing the first draft - this week the not-quite-so-jolliness of starting the re-writes ... All part of the job, of course, but it's a gear change that can grate, from "getting it written" to going back and "getting it written better." Some people swear by a change of scene to oil the change of gear, and I've decided to try that myself. I'm going to Canada. (Well, I was going to Canada anyway, but now I'm going to pretend that the timing was all intentional.) I'll be staying with my mum most of the time in what we shall call for convenience an Old Peoples' Home. And here is my secret. There is, on the second floor, towards the end of the corridor, a deserted sitting room. People walk by it. Sometimes people even reach in a hand and turn out the light (which is disconcerting if you're me, sitting there, trying to write). But people don't sit in it.

So I do. And that is where I intend to rewrite The Case of the Glasgow Ghoul. In my secret study. As long as nobody turns out the light.

Cheers, Joan.

P.S. I will try to post something from Canada next weekend if I can get the computer at the Home to work, but it is tempermental. If I can't swing it, I will be back to blogging in mid-August from Scotland, so see you then!


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