Saturday, July 04, 2009

North Tyneside Summer Reading Challenge

This summer I'm a Champion! North Tyneside are taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge and Witch Bell in particular, and The Wickit Chronicles in general, are chosen books. And they've invited me to come and be a Reading Champion for 4 of their big days, which is lush. Lush (unless I've heard it wrong, which is possible) is my new word. It's Newcastle for cool. I think. Let me know if you know this word and it actually means something rude ...

These are my dates: 18th July at North Shields
23rd July at Long Benton
13th August at The Rising Sun Country Park
27th August at Dudley

If you're anywhere near, drop by! It'd be lush. (I think.)

Cheers, Joan.


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