Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Wickit Chronicles Head South

Or north. Depending on whether we're talking about me taking my Wickit Chronicles event south to the north of England, or the books being set in a bit of England that's south of that ... Anyway, I'm off to the Northern Children's Book Festival or NCBF (not to be confused with those other NCBFs - the National Concert Band Festival OR the National Cherry Blossom Festival) (I didn't make those up - I just googled NCBF and there they were!) It's going to be a tough old time - 9 events in 3 days - but very exciting.

I'll be in:
Stockton-on-Tees - Monday
Gateshead - Tuesday
North Tyneside - Wednesday

Oh, and in case I get bored by the end of the week, I'm also doing 2 Ferret Princess events in Angus (Brechin and Monifieth), and another Wickit Chronicles event the next Wednesday in Forfar. These things certainly bunch like buses! Which is what I will likely feel as if I've been run over by. But I'm not complaining - I get to head south in November!

I'll report next week, all things being equal - Cheers, Joan.


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