Saturday, November 08, 2008

Thank You, West Wing

You'd have thought that at some point in the 25 years I lived in Canada, I would have got some sort of handle on the electoral system in the US - such a large, close, NOISY neighbour, after all. But I never did. Like the rules of cricket, there was usually somebody about at parties who would have been happy to explain it all in tedious technicolour, but I can be slippery in a crowd when I need to be. So how is it that I wasn't as completely bemused as usual during the recent excellently-outcomed US presidential election?

The answer is West Wing. We've got the DVDs and I think it was for the third time we watched them ALL all over again not so long ago. So now I know! Granted, when Obama thanked his campaign manager in his acceptance speech I did jump up and shout, "3 cheers for Josh" but it was quite early in the morning for us here.

Who says fiction can't be educational?

Don't worry. If we ever meet at a party, I will not try to explain it. But the very next time CJ Craig is up for election you can bet I'll find SOME way to cast a vote!

Cheers, Joan.

P.S. And if you haven't watched West Wing even once, I'm happy to recommend it.


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