Monday, June 09, 2008

Wow! 366

We got the proofs for the anthology Wow! 366 that Scholastic is doing in honour of The Year of Reading and to raise money for NSPCC. (I say "we" because three of us in this family submitted stories - look out for "Hunt!" "The Princess and the Dragon" and "Robin Hood Takes a Bath".) (Okay, I'm boasting. I'm a mother. I get to.) It's 366 because a) this is a Leap Year and b) each story is supposed to be 366 words long. However, it turns out that not all computers count words in the same way. You would have thought there really was only one way, but you'd be wrong - which has led to a bit of a nightmare for the editors at Scholastic. But instead of throwing in the towel and calling the collection Wow! More or Less 366 they have run everything through some sort of uber-computer (i.e. one that can count up to 366 and get it right) and then edited their tiny socks off ...

It's due out on 4 Aug. and "we" are going to celebrate!

Cheers, Joan.


At 2:43 AM, Blogger Brian Sibley said...

I've also got a story in WOW 366! Looking forward to reading your family's contributions! Best regards...


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