Monday, December 03, 2007


It's amazing to think of your book, out there in the world, living a life of its own, finding its way into people's hands in places you've never been to. And it's also amazing, finding out about it. A friend explained to me how to use Google Alert, and as a result I've been discovering blog references to Questors and Wickit Chronicles - people are getting hold of them, reading them, and then liking them enough to chat about them.

It's so neat.

There's a bookshop owner in New Zealand, and a woman in India, and somebody else in Iowa who's looking at possible books for an award that I'd never even heard of (not surprisingly, since I live on another continent). There are some people blogging in Germany, and some sites in the Czech Republic. Somebody in Malaysia was bewailing the fact that she'd missed out on a particularly good cafe, but had bought Questors and taken it back to her room to console herself with. And how else would I know what an 11-year-old in Florida is thinking?

And now that someone has explained to me what :) and ;) mean, there'll be no stopping me ...

Cheers, Joan.


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