Sunday, July 11, 2021

Fooling the Algorithms

I really like Instagram.  What I don't like is having several gazillion strange men following me.  Most of them would appear to be either a) fairly high ranking American military men or b) hunky silver fox type surgeons or c) younger men with their shirts off or d) slightly sad single fathers.  I have been assured that they're none of them real.  They're just algorithms, and I've been culling them regularly.  But then it occurred to me that maybe I could slide under that algorithmic radar.  Maybe if there wasn't a photograph of a female face with swathes of white in her hair (so of course I must be desperate) on my profile, maybe I wouldn't seem so much like prey?

It worked!  And this is what did it:

Since I changed my profile picture to this, by Thomas Heitler,* there hasn't been a single mythical general, surgeon or hunk knocking at my Instagram door.  Long may it last!

Thank you, Thomas!

*His most recent comic What the Witch Saw (Quindrie Press) is available here


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