Saturday, May 18, 2013

Seil, Beyond the Bridge

The Bridge over the Atlantic
(Wiki Commons image by W.L. Tarbert)

As you read this, I will be on Seil Island, on the west coast of Scotland, doubtless taking photos of my own of the Bridge over the Atlantic.  I will be computer-less, so I'll just flag up now that I've got a blog scheduled for Monday over on An Awfully Big Blog Adventure, saying why spending a week in a phenomenally beautiful part of the world is a good idea ...

Not exactly a tough sell.

I'll be back here next Sunday with more photos than sense - see you then!


At 4:47 AM, Blogger madwippitt said...

Look forward to seeing the pics - have a good time - and like the look of this bridge: looks as though it should have a couple of gruff billy goats trotting across it ...

At 7:45 AM, Blogger Penny Dolan said...

Ah! So that's where you are! Looking forward to the pictures and news from the island.

Wishing you good writing or good holidaying. Or both.


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